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24 June 2009 @ 04:24 pm
Being happily overwhelmed tastes like blue raspberry.  
Hello old friends! Hello new friends!

I was really excited to meet new people through the HP friending meme I filled out the other day, but now there are so many people on my flist and it moves so quickly and I am being squashed by the updates !! I feel like I'm flailing through a pool of jello. It's delicious and fun and exciting, but also just a little bit overwhelming. I'll catch on soon enough, because all of you are good people.

All the exciting things happening all at once reminds me of what Neil Gaiman said in Neverwhere, about events being crafty and sneaking up on you in packs. I had three months of nothing in the interim period between starting my medical leave at college and starting the summer term, and now just as I'm getting into the swing of classes again I've signed up for the rs_games and started a big new sci-fi fic and decided to try to participate in the ass_carnival. Not to mention the stack of to-read books that's grown so high on my desk it threatens to crush my skull whenever I sit down to type. My poor attention span!

Anyway, I wanted to say that I love you all very dearly, whether we've had a long-term relationship or a recent dalliance, and I am very slowly pulling things together.

First priority: scrape together the end of the beginning of the fic I've been toying with, solidify plans and commit to it.

(first priority should be passing summer classes, but, well...)

I'm going to use this shiny new journal as an incentive to write. It's empty and echoes, so I feel self conscious and want to validate it by posting proof of my intentions. Kind of like hanging up drapery in your new living room even though you haven't got a dining room table yet.

So, my lovelies, I am thinking of all of you even though I'm still putting names to faces, and following the intimate details of your lives even if you don't hear from me. I'll climb out of the jello pool soon and hopefully, hopefully, we will be well acquainted with each other by the time I do.