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12 July 2009 @ 03:52 am
hedgehog fail  
The past two days, when I've gone to check Dagny's cage in the morning I noticed that the water level in her bottle hadn't changed. The first day I thought "I guess she wasn't thirsty" and then I thought "It's prolly just because she hasn't been running on her wheel as much as usual." So tonight I was messing around kind of late, and she gets up and starts snuffling around, and I hear her chewing on the water pipe.

She wasn't drinking any water because the bottle is broken, she can't drink from it. Even though she's been trying to chew her way into it. Jesus fuck, I should've noticed that earlier, I'm such a bad pet owner. I got a little bowl and filled it with water and she drank for like five minutes straight. And then got on her wheel and started running, because dehydration=no energy for running. Cause and effect, they are my friends.

So, sorry Dagny. DX
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