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thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
15 July 2009 @ 03:52 am
It was perfect. I mean, obviously there were a few things here and there which were a little off, but it was an incredible movie.

As a movie, it was amazing. It was wonderfully cohesive in a way that none of the other movies have been, I think it probably worked really, really well as a movie unto itself. And the pacing was amazing! They finally got the pacing right, it was excellent. Oh, and the acting! The minor characters were especially impressive, and Tom Felton was brilliant as Draco Malfoy. He really brought out the depth of character that we glimpse in HBP as Harry comes into his own and discovers the difficulty of doing the "right" thing - I wish there had been more to the Draco-Dumbledore final scene on top of the tower, but from what there was, and the scenes before that, everything was explained beautifully.

It ALSO followed the book so, so, so well. It did a brilliant job balancing the different elements of the plotline and keeping the light-hearted scenes along with the important angst-ridden moments, which was one of my major concerns, because HBP was a very complex book in that respect because so much was going on during the "comedic relief" bits that had a major impact on Harry emotionally and played a huge role in how he responded to the action later on.

One of the things that, at this point, I was most impressed with was the delicacy with which "non-canon" scenes were handled. Up until this point I've been adamantly against straying from the set plot, but I was very satisfied with what Yates chose to do. Unlike in PoA for example, the deviations actually made sense, and really honestly helped both the flow of the movie and the strength of the movie-plot. Dealing with a novel set in first-person limited omniscience, I would imagine, must be insanely difficult; Yates was entirely correct in finally straying from that tradition.

Details in spoilerific glory later, but sleep now. Oh, it was so good, I thought my heart might burst. I'm so happy. It was exactly what I'd hoped it would be.
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
12 July 2009 @ 01:39 pm
To my genuine disappointment, I won't be at Azkatraz. But! For me and countless other Potterites left alone on the internet next week, there's...


How about you guys? Is anyone on my flist going to Azkatraz? Will any of you be staying in to attend AaH?
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
12 July 2009 @ 03:52 am
The past two days, when I've gone to check Dagny's cage in the morning I noticed that the water level in her bottle hadn't changed. The first day I thought "I guess she wasn't thirsty" and then I thought "It's prolly just because she hasn't been running on her wheel as much as usual." So tonight I was messing around kind of late, and she gets up and starts snuffling around, and I hear her chewing on the water pipe.

She wasn't drinking any water because the bottle is broken, she can't drink from it. Even though she's been trying to chew her way into it. Jesus fuck, I should've noticed that earlier, I'm such a bad pet owner. I got a little bowl and filled it with water and she drank for like five minutes straight. And then got on her wheel and started running, because dehydration=no energy for running. Cause and effect, they are my friends.

So, sorry Dagny. DX
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thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
08 July 2009 @ 04:22 am
"I can't sleep" turned into "I CAN'T SLEEP BECAUSE I CONSUMED TOO MUCH SUGAR" this evening, so I filled the morning hours with a craft project inspired by the nursery rhyme "Georgie Porgie." You know,

Georgie Porgie, puddin' and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie ran away.

Except I only knew the first two lines. They've been circling around and around in my head for the past few days, and I've been wondering about those girls he kissed. A little idea grew into a full-fledged ridiculous bring-out-the-glue-and-craft-scissors ordeal.

Instead of sleeping, I cut up an old book and made PUPPETSCollapse )
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
06 July 2009 @ 09:57 pm
Title: Found by Accident
Author: starship_girl
Pairing: Remus/Charlie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1200
Warnings: Painfully un-beta'd.
Author's Notes: Written (doubleplus late) for the Speed Pr0nz challenge, even though this is not very porn-y at all. Prompt: “Chance encounter in a bizarre location”
Disclaimer: Not my characters, no money's being made.

In the end though it didn't matter that he wasn't looking; Charlie seemed to have found him purely by accident.Collapse )
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
03 July 2009 @ 12:43 pm
I went into Bizarro Wuxtry, the local comic shop, yesterday looking for The Unwritten #2 and Northlanders #18. I'll have to start checking in as soon as the issues hit the shelves because both were sold out. So Rob there ordered them for me in addition to the first Anna Mercury TPB.

While I was there, I had the good fortune to find the first issue of Greek Street, hot from the press just this Wednesday! Peter Milligan takes Greek tragedies and transposes them to modern-day London. It's excellent, and made the Classics major in me squee in delight.

I also bought the last issue of The Umbrella Academy's Dallas storyline. I'd kinda-sorta been following it, but this issue was fantastic, so I'm going to keep an eye out for the new arc.

SO, that brings me to just three monthlies:
The Unwritten
Greek Street

to which I'll hopefully be adding Anna Mercury as soon as I can catch up. Rob, who's my favorite guy there, also loves Warren Ellis. So I'm hoping to get a feel for the backstory, and then dive headfirst into the current plotline.

I'm super excited about these series. I love comics, but up until this summer I've been reading collections and bound archives. Now I'm starting to follow some stuff issue-by-issue, and even though the wait between each is long, it's really satisfying. Plus, single issues are much easier on the wallet each month than twenty-dollar paperbacks.

Whoohoo! Comics!
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
25 June 2009 @ 12:21 am
I just got paid today, so I decided to hand over three dollars to The Man in exchange for no ads, mo' userpics for the month. It's really silly, but three dollars doesn't seem that much when I'm clicking options on a screen. (In reality, three dollars equals a month's worth of granola. Mmm, pixels for breakfast this summer.)

I paid on a semi-monthly basis on my old account, and just got used to all the added amenities. I feel pretty spoiled, but at least I don't have to look at ads anymore.
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
Hello old friends! Hello new friends!

I was really excited to meet new people through the HP friending meme I filled out the other day, but now there are so many people on my flist and it moves so quickly and I am being squashed by the updates !! I feel like I'm flailing through a pool of jello. It's delicious and fun and exciting, but also just a little bit overwhelming. I'll catch on soon enough, because all of you are good people.

All the exciting things happening all at once reminds me of what Neil Gaiman said in Neverwhere, about events being crafty and sneaking up on you in packs. I had three months of nothing in the interim period between starting my medical leave at college and starting the summer term, and now just as I'm getting into the swing of classes again I've signed up for the rs_games and started a big new sci-fi fic and decided to try to participate in the ass_carnival. Not to mention the stack of to-read books that's grown so high on my desk it threatens to crush my skull whenever I sit down to type. My poor attention span!

Anyway, I wanted to say that I love you all very dearly, whether we've had a long-term relationship or a recent dalliance, and I am very slowly pulling things together.

First priority: scrape together the end of the beginning of the fic I've been toying with, solidify plans and commit to it.

(first priority should be passing summer classes, but, well...)

I'm going to use this shiny new journal as an incentive to write. It's empty and echoes, so I feel self conscious and want to validate it by posting proof of my intentions. Kind of like hanging up drapery in your new living room even though you haven't got a dining room table yet.

So, my lovelies, I am thinking of all of you even though I'm still putting names to faces, and following the intimate details of your lives even if you don't hear from me. I'll climb out of the jello pool soon and hopefully, hopefully, we will be well acquainted with each other by the time I do.
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
15 June 2009 @ 12:37 am
Hey guys!!1!

I've migrated away from catchthecat to another username for personal reasons, the primary one being that I'm going to be using lj for fandom rather than journaling purposes. I like to keep organized and I haven't effectively used my old account for anything but commenting in the past six months, so I've decided to separate myself completely from catchthecat and devote starship_girl to fandom endeavors.

This won't change anything for the people on my flist except for the name I'll be commenting under. I've been a fan of you guys for ages and ages, and I wouldn't have bothered posting this except that I want you to know that I STILL love you, am still reading your stuff, and will continue to do both.

Because of that, I'll be re-friending everyone; I just wanted to clarify that I'm the same person.

tl;dr, catchthecat =starship_girl
thisbe scandium, modern-age malcontent
14 June 2009 @ 11:42 pm
hp_fivethings !!!

I wrote two fics (and about half a dozen half-completed fics) for my first-ever exchange! It was pretty awesome, and I learned that I work best under immense pressure with specific deadlines. Srsly, I never get anything done until someone tells me I have to have it finished by the day after tomorrow.

Seven Times Everything Went Wrong for the Weasleys Collapse )

Four Reasons Luna Didn't Love DracoCollapse )